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Sun, Aug 19, 2018
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About Panda North America

Specialized China Consulting

Our contacts in China are extensive, since 1978 we have been successful in building long-term relationships with key business professionals, cultural and educational institutions and political representatives throughout China.

Being familiar with the political system and the cultural environment in China, we understand how decisions are made and how priorities are set.

This in-depth knowledge of China and our ethical approach and commitment to maintaining relationships have earned us a solid reputation with both Chinese and international clients.

Our involvement in your project will reduce the amount of time, expense and frustration involved in securing well-grounded relationships that will allow cultural programs, business ventures, government programs or tourism promotion to last a lifetime.

We coordinate meetings and establish contacts between the Chinese government and international companies and other international government agencies. We provide comprehensive analysis on specific government policies and directions that will impact our clients' business in the Chinese market.

The 1970s presented a unique opportunity for Asia with the historic geo-political meetings between China, Canada and the United States. After decades of limited contact each side knew little of each other. Later that decade Richard Liu was able to visit his homeland and knew at once that each side would make the most headway through cultural exchange.

While working to develop cultural projects Richard met Frank Fish at Ambassador Foundation and formed a friendship that would go on to work on people-to-people projects for the next three decades.

Richard Liu has a strong background in business, politics and the arts.  He is acknowledged by Chinese officials and business leaders as an eminent business and policy advisor.

Richard works with multi-national companies and governments to resolve business and political issues with the Chinese government and organizations.  He is successful in helping companies make the right contacts and develop the right image for the Chinese market.

Frank began his business career managing concerts and events for Ambassador Auditorium, a Southern California premier concert venue. While working with the non-profit, Ambassador Foundation, Frank was introduced to, and developed a friendship with a unique educator, cultural liaison and business entrepreneur, Dr. Richard Liu. Together they created a number of ground breaking exchanges between China, Canada and the United States.

Charlie Brodie serves as our Music Director Liaison for orchestras, bands, choirs and performing groups.