Panda North America
Mon, Jul 16, 2018
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A Historical Perspective

The 1970s presented a unique opportunity for Asia with the historic geo-political meetings between China, Canada and the United States. After decades of limited contact each side knew little of each other. Later that decade Richard Liu was able to visit his homeland and knew at once that each side would make the most headway through cultural exchange.

While working to develop cultural projects Richard met Frank Fish at Ambassador Foundation and formed a friendship that would go on to work on people-to-people projects for the next three decades.

Panda North America focuses on the common ground of cultural exchange to build strong relationships in all areas of life, business, art, music and education. Following are some highlights from those early years:


  • Paul Horn – first popular flutist to tour China
  • Children's Painting Exhibit from Luda to Victoria, B.C.
  • Chinese Film Festival, Victoria, B.C.



  • Margie Gillis – first Canadian modern solo dancer to tour China



  • Walter Prossnitz – young Canadian pianist touring China
  • Anna Wyman Dancers – first Canadian modern dance company to tour China
  • Host to New Chinese Service Delegation in Victoria, B.C.
  • Establishment of Suzhou, Jiangsu sister city with Victoria, B.C. and arranged for mayoral visit to China for Victoria delegation



  • Stars of China National Dancers tour of Western Canada and California
  • Suzhou City delegation from China to Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa
  • Production of a film on Suzhou, China
  • Art Exhibit of 70 exquisite brush paintings by Lu Hsun, one of China's most celebrated modern artists
  • Suzhou Oil Painting exhibit featuring 29 paintings by Shanhai‑born Yu Kewei
  • Madame Ding Ling and Mr. Chen Ming (prominent Chinese writers) visits to Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa
  • China International Travel Service delegation to Victoria, B.C.



  • Chinese Classical Musician in Concert across North America ‑ Fan Shang‑E and Ong Chay‑tin
  • Peking Silk Road Ballet Company tour to Vancouver, B.C.
  • Music and Dance of the Silk Route – performances in North America
  • Famous Peoples' Players
  • Chinese Stamp Exhibit
  • Suzhou Art Exhibit to Victoria, B.C.
  • Victoria Art Exhibit to Suzhou, China



  • U.S. Student Chinese Study Program in Beijing
  • U.S. Education Delegation to China
  • Taishan TV Film Project
  • Peking National Acrobats of China first North American tour, 27 cities.



  • Little Ambassadors of Shanghai – 28 of China's outstanding children musical artist visit San Francisco, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Seattle. First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Nancy Reagan invited the company to the White House
  • Les Grand Ballet Canadians – first ballet company from Montreal to visit China.
  • Lorita Leung Dance Company visit to Beijing, Nanjin, Suzhou and Shanghai
  • B.C. Pharmacists three week tour to China
  • Ambassador Foundation delegation to China. Mr. Deng Xiaoping received the delegation
  • Ambassador Foundation convention in Nanjing, 530 delegates
  • U.S. Student Chinese Study Program in Nanjing



  • Little Ambassadors of Yunnan – 11 different minorities send 28 of Yunnan provinces children to perform in Pasadena, Portland, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver
  • Ambassador Foundation convention in Nanjing, 266 delegates
  • Up with People of Arizona tour Beijing, Xian, Nanjing and Shanghai



  • Peking Pop Orchestra led by Vice Premier, Mr. Yaol Yilin to EXPO 86 in Vancouver
  • U.S. Student Chinese Study Program in China
  • Ambassador Foundation convention in Nanjing, 99 delegates



  • Air China inauguration flight Beijing to Vancouver. Contracted by Air China to organize the inaugural ceremony held at Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre
  • Richard Liu was only foreign guest invited by the Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to attend 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Region
  • Cultural coordinator for Vancouver Chamber Choir visit to the China



  • Hubei Trade Show to Vancouver led by governor of Hubei
  • Terminally ill Children exchange between China and Canada



  • Sponsor for Shanxi Youth Performing Arts Troupe visit to Vancouver



  • Sponsor for the Children's Chamber Orchestra of Beijing visit to Vancouver